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by Gary Smalley

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Making Love Last Forever. For years Gary Smalley has helped millions of couples throughout North America enrich their relationships and deepen their bonds of love and companionship.

Making Love Last Forever. In this extraordinary book, he shows you how to stay in love through all the stages of life. From first attraction to lifelong commitment, Gary's proven techniques and practical advice show you how to pursue and keep the love you want, and how to energize your relationship with enduring, passion-filled love.

For years Gary Smalley has helped millions of couples throughout North America enrich their relationships and deepen their bonds of love and companionship. Making Love Last Forever has been added to your Cart. In this extraordinary book.

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Written by Gary Smalley, Audiobook narrated by Gary Smalley. We are designed for relationships, yet they often bring us pain. In this paradigm-shifting book, Gary Smalley unravels the DNA of relationships: we are made for three great relationships, with God, others, and ourselves, and all relationships involve choice. Gary exposes a destructive relationship dance that characterizes nearly every relationship conflict, and he offers five new dance steps that will revolutionize relationships.

Offers techniques to enrich relationships and deepen the bonds of love and companionship, and covers divorce-proofing a marriage and the five vital signs of a healthy marriage

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If an author told you there were ways you could divorce proof your marriage, would you want to read the book? Anyone serious about staying married definitely should read this book for its insights and wisdom. You might be at the place in your marriage where you are thinking: "I don't want to be in this marriage one more minute." In that case you desperately need the information in this book and some hope.

Gary Smalley believes that small changes in behavior are probably what is needed to get others to change their behavior. I tried this for a few days and saw great improvements in how people interacted with me so it seems like it is true! If someone does something mean to you or says something that isn't nice, try doing something extra nice for them like cooking them a fantastic dinner or buying them a gift. Doing good is satisfying on its own and has its own rewards.

In this book, Gary Smalley is like a caring friend or counselor who has your best interests at heart. Sure he has made a lot of mistakes in his own marriage but the beauty is that he learned his lessons and became a better person. You may wince at some of the things his wife had to endure and can I just say she seems like a saint. What kept me reading this book was all the funny stories that made me laugh. I must have laughed at least six times. However some of this book reads like a confessional and Gary Smalley sounds like a Choleric Sanguine. So if you have his same personality and are a man, you will find much to learn about this personality type.

What I learned from this book was that in marriage you always have to be improving. No matter how long you've been married there is something to learn. I've read over 120 marriage books and this one still taught me a few essential tips to staying married. Marriage is work and seems to me to be a character building activity. Some of this book deals with issues like anger and forgiveness. We all need a good pep talk on those subjects.

The reason I took off one star for this book was because there are a few things in this book which are mildly disturbing. An editor should have advised against the telling of the rat story. For people who love animals, this might make you angry. It is a short story and just should not have been included.

But aside from that, this book was an enjoyable read. While books do help us see our mistakes and help us make improvements much is to be said for God supplying us with happiness, contentment and love. When we expect another human being to do that job, they sometimes fail. Circumstances are sure to change and God's love is constant. Don't ever doubt too that prayer works. God can work behind the scenes to improve a bad situation for the better. In marriage you should pray a lot!

~The Rebecca Review
A marriage counselor highly recommended this book to me and claimed that it helped all of his clients. I guess they'd give it five stars, but I had a hard time getting past the style of writing. I felt like I was reading a sales pitch for Smalley's other books and videos. I found the annecdotes about Smalley a bit drab and non-relevant--more like memoires written for his family and friends. The parts of the book that didn't annoy me, bored me. There is some good advice in there, but nothing novel that I haven't heard before. I did like the way Smalley described the importance of God in one's life and relationship, which is why I gave it three stars instead of two. I'm 33 and would not recommend this to my friends.
Rollers from Abdun
on my top ten of best recommended marriage building books
Good book, has not saved my marriage yet. Guess we need to follow the book and read it again.
I read it twice and I really enjoyed it and by reading it twice I grasped more of what the author was trying to get across.
Really great book for couples who actually are trying to gain a better understanding of loving and respecting each other.
The most beneficial chapter deals with personality trait and viewpoint differences that make all the difference in how people understand and relate to each other. It's worth it just for that information. It is easy to understand and good examples. I have recommended it to many people who have benefited as well.
Making Love Last Forever download epub
Author: Gary Smalley
ISBN: 0849938937
Category: Self-Help
Subcategory: Relationships
Language: English
Publisher: W Pub Group (December 1, 1996)
Pages: 312 pages