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by Bill Myers

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Here are the best answer to the Recruiting Bill to the Forbidden Forest friends quest which occurs in Year 4, Chapter 6: Why do you want me to go? - You are a natural Curse-Breaker. What if we get caught? - We won't get caught. What would Rakepick think? - She'd want us breaking curses.

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Аудиокнига "Dark Power Collection: The Deceived", Bill Myers. Мгновенный доступ к вашим любимым книгам без обязательной ежемесячной платы. Слушайте книги через Интернет и в офлайн-режиме на устройствах Android, iOS, Chromecast, а также с помощью Google Ассистента. Скачайте Google Play Аудиокниги сегодня!

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Written by Bill Myers, Audiobook narrated by Bill Myers. Dark Power Collection: The Deceived. Narrated by: Bill Myers.

Some doors are better left unopened. The Invisible Terror Collection brings together three fast-paced novels of the supernatural by bestselling author Bill Myers. Join teenager Rebecca 'Becka' Williams, her brother, Scott, and friend Ryan Riordan as they head for mind-bending clashes between the forces of darkness and the power of God. The Haunting Becka and Scott's greatest enemy is the owner of an occult bookshop. She is requesting their assistance, but helping to conduct a seance is out of the question. Is it really the spirit of a little girl who is haunting the old mansion.

Healthy desires, yes. Open to deception, absolutely.

The occult is a very real influence for today's youth-and the world is only too eager to exploit their curiosity about the supernatural. Healthy desires, yes. I've enjoyed Myers' adult novels, but I think his books for the younger set are even more entertaining.

Narrated by Bill Myers. In book two of the Forbidden Doors series by bestselling author Bill Myers, Becka Williams decides to attend a lecture. You're getting the VIP treatment! With the purchase of Kobo VIP Membership, you're getting 10% off and 2x Kobo Super Points on eligible items. Your Shopping Cart is empty. There are currently no items in your Shopping Cart.

The Deceived (Forbidden Doors Bill Myers. Forbidden Doors by bill myers is a wonderful book about a girl named Rebecca and her brother Scott. they moved from the rainforest to the . town Cresent Bay California

The Deceived (Forbidden Doors Bill Myers. town Cresent Bay California. In their ne life the encounter all sorts of stuff,like demons and other spirtual events. They must put their faith in god to survive in their new home. If you like excitement and suspense,then forbidden doors is for yo. t is also part of a series of ten books of fun-filled adventure. I really liked this book because it kept me on the edge of my chair and was one of the best books I've.

The occult is a very real influence for today's youth--and the world is only too eager to exploit their curiosity about the supernatural. Tyndale and Bill Myers, cocreator of McGee and Me!, counteract the deceptions presented by immensely popular titles with an innovative approach to juvenile fiction--the Forbidden Doors series. Insightful and straightforward, each volume tackles spiritual warfare by presenting biblical truths through realistic situations and characters.

#2 The Deceived--Her newfound fascination with hypnotism and reincarnation leads Rebecca to doubt her Christian convictions--and nearly destroy her life. But her brother and a mystery friend named "Z" know that God can bring her through this dangerous deception.

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great books for the grandkids. Christian yet very science fiction like.
Becka and Scott Williams, along with their mother, move to California after having spent many years in the jungles of South America. They were missionaries, and their dad's plane crashed. Becka is trying to fit in to the California scene, after having spent most of her growing-up years in the jungle. Her younger brother, Scott, makes friends more easily and is less shy than she is.

In this particular book, a hypnotist gives a lecture at the Ascension Bookshop. He "chooses" Becka for hypnosis and makes her believe she lived a former life as a powerful king. This book shows how gullible people can be, even Christians. I was disappointed in the mother for allowing this to happen. I was also disappointed in Becka because she became arrogant and unsensitive, thinking she was royalty. But she was nothing more than a brain-washed victim; I've seen people in real life from certain churches who have this same type of brainwashing.

Will Scott have enough faith and courage to convince Becka of the truth? Will he have enough encouragement from from Z?

Z is a mysterious Christian friend that Scott met "on-line". The author gives a warning at the end of the book letting us know that when this series was conceived, there were not "bad" guys on-line, like there are now, and to be extremely careful about who you talk to on-line. In this particular book, Scott and his friend Darryl try to find out Z's identity. Will they succeed?

I feel these books are a very cozy series because they are centered around a very loving, Christian woman and her two Christian children. They all love each other very much. They have a very cozy home, and I can just "feel" and "imagine" how warm and loving and cozy their home is.

I recommend this "teen" Christian book to anybody, regardless of age. These books deal with issues that are real. Because of the encouragement and enlightment, anybody can benefit from these books.

I feel these are some of the best Christian books ever written.
The Deceived

Imagine that you have been hypnotized and then you experience some pretty harsh memories. It has you looking, acting, and is getting treated like a king. Then this guy that has gone nuts comes to your house, hypnotizes you again and then starts going out with your mom.

In the book The Deceived Bill Myers, the writer of the book, has a girl named Rebecca relive some tragic moments of her life while being hypnotized. Maxwell Hunter, the guy that hypnotized her, goes to Rebecca's house to hypnotize her again because he said that she had a magic power and then ends up going on a date with her mom. Her brother Scott is e-mailing a guy that goes by Z on the internet about Rebecca. Her friend Ryan thinks this Maxwell guy is bad, along with her mom and brother because her mom saw Maxwell killing a dog for fun. Maxwell starts killing the dog though his mind and with his eyes.

If you read this book it can really have a lot of favorite parts in it for you. A lot of lessons that you can learn are don't trust a hypnotist, don't let a freaky guy go on a date with your mom, and other important lessons.

If you love suspenseful books then you will love this one. It is also a book that you will have trouble laying down because it is an exciting book.
Matthew 24:24 warns "For false Christs and false prophets will appear and perform great signs and miracles to deceive even the elect --- if that were possible." With all the enticing messages trying to lead Christian young people astray, "The Forbidden Doors Series" by Bill Myers provides a bit of insight into the subtle temptations of mysticism conspiring to lead the individual into spiritual destruction.

In "The Deceived", Myers examines the dangers posed by hypnosis and reincarnation. The main character, a high school student named Rebecca, is mesmerized by a hypnotist and undergoes past-life regression.

Thinking she is the reincarnation of a French monarch, Rebecca longs to reconnect with the powers she is convinced she once possessed, Rebecca falls under the influence of a renowned motivational speaker. However, does this occultist have Rebecca's best interests at heart or an intention far more sinister in mind?

The family depicted by Myers is highly sympathetic in nature since as average Christians they have an inkling something is amiss but, as with the rest of us unaccustomed to dealing with the paranormal, the characters are forced to struggle with phenomena not all that common for the majority living in the rational lands of the scientific West.

Young readers will enjoy "The Deceived's" suspenseful content. Parents will be relieved that the Christian approach taken to the material will prevent the excitement from luring the child into the world of the occult and perhaps even inoculate young minds against these dangers when they manifest themselves in other expressions of popular culture.

by Frederick Meekins
The Deceived (Forbidden Doors #2) download epub
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Author: Bill Myers
ISBN: 0842339884
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Language: English
Publisher: Tyndale Kids; Repack edition (May 11, 2001)