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Also by Brian Jacques.

Also by Brian Jacques. Also by brian jacques.

Praise for the Redwall series Brian Jacques has the true fantasy writer’s ability to create a wholly new and believable world. School Library Journal The medieval world of Redwall Abbey-where gallant mouse warriors triumph over evil invaders-has truly become the stuff of legend. Seattle Post-Intelligencer A grand adventure story. Once the reader is hooked, there is no peace until the final page. Chicago Sun-Times Jacques’s effortless, fast-paced narrative gets its readers quickly hooked

James Brian Jacques (pronounced "jakes") (June 15, 1939 - February 5, 2011).

James Brian Jacques (pronounced "jakes") (June 15, 1939 - February 5, 2011). An English author from Kirkdale, Liverpool, Brian Jacques is best known for his Redwall saga of fantasy books, as well as the Castaways of the Flying Dutchman series. He has also written two collections of short stories, The Ribbajack and Seven Strange and Ghostly Tales. As a youth, Jacques attended St. Johns Elementary School, an inner city Catholic school that had its playground on the roof

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The Taggerung is a fantasy novel by Brian Jacques, published in 2001. It is the 14th book in the Redwall series. His birth was a long-awaited legend full of mystery and promise, among the outlaw Juska tribes along the western shore.

Redwall is a series of children's fantasy novels by British writer Brian Jacques from 1986 to 2011. It is also the title of the first book of the series, published in 1986, as well as the name of the Abbey featured in the book, and is the name of an animated TV series based on three of the novels (Redwall, Mattimeo, and Martin the Warrior), which first aired in 1999. The books are primarily aimed at older children. There have been 22 novels and two picture books published.

Brian Jacques' writing peaked here I think. Taggerung is everything you could possibly want: heartbreaking, hilarious, adventuriffic. It has amazing characters, a good plot, and if the parts with the evil stoat hordes get a little long every once in a while, in this book you barely notice. This is the book that introduced Brian Jacques to me, and is also why I am a fan of his writing. Oct 03, 2008 Gabrielle rated it it was amazing.

Brian Jacques fourteenth book in his Redwall series has a special place in my heart after finishing i.

Brian Jacques fourteenth book in his Redwall series has a special place in my heart after finishing it. A mothers love for her son through thick and thin, adventure for a mole and an otter, and .His interest in adventure stories began at an early age with reading the books of: Daniel Defoe, Sir Henry Rider Haggard, Arthur Conan Doyle, Sir Thomas Malory, Robert Michael Ballantyne, Robert Louis Stevenson, Edgar Rice Burroughs, and Kenneth Grahame. He attended St. John's School, an inner city school that had its playground on the roof.

Years ago, the vermin clan of Sawney Rath kidnapped one of Redwall’s own-a baby otter, destined to become their Taggerung, a warrior hero of ancient legend. But as young Tagg grows, he rebels against his destiny

Years ago, the vermin clan of Sawney Rath kidnapped one of Redwall’s own-a baby otter, destined to become their Taggerung, a warrior hero of ancient legend. But as young Tagg grows, he rebels against his destiny. With the feisty mouse Nimbalo, Tagg fends off the avenging vermin, but can he find his way back to the Redwall family from whom he was separated so long ago? Here is all of the excitement and adventure a Redwall fan could wish for!

After Sawney Rath kidnaps one of Redwall's baby otters believing that he will become Taggerung, a legendary warrior hero, the otter grows to resent his kidnappers and soon finds himself in a dangerous struggle to make his way back home to the family and friends he knows and loves. 175,000 first printing.

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I grew up read the Redwall books, but I haven't read any for awhile. I just read this and am pleased that I did. I like the focus on the events that the characters go through and how they grow rather than on complications of who killed who and whatnot. The simple structure and known allegiances allows focus on the finer details in life. I enjoy reading Brian Jacques tale of how peaceful creatures deal with sudden violence or death. Deaths happen. Creatures die. Sometimes those creatures are mourned and other times not. The vermin beasts, by nature, seek power or just submit to powers above them and so never really live; they only seem to find fulfilment when dominating others. By contrast, the good beasts of the Redwall world enjoy life while it lasts through singing, dancing, good food, exploration, and adventure. I see these books as adventurous commentaries on how people can destroy themselves with destructive mentalities or live fully, revelling in the simultaneous frailty and brightness of life, and reading such as story makes me smile. That, and Brian's affinity for putting accents to text is amazing.
You may have read many reviews of "Taggerung" and seen the book jacket. Yet they tell you nothing about it. First of all, there's an otter named Deyna, who's born at Redwall. Meanwhile, in the clan of a warlord named Sawney Rath, Grissoul the Seer predicts that the Taggerung, a fabled chieftain, is going to be borne but is not going to be a vermin. Sawney and his clan go to a stream where Rillflag, Deyna's father, is performing an otter ritual on him. Sawney gets one of his vermin to kill Rillflag, then steals Deyna away. Deyna's position as Taggerung is threatened by Antigra. Antigra is a stoat who claims her son Gruven is Taggerung. Grissoul said that it was impossible for this to be before Deyna came along. They rename Deyna Tagg and train him to be the Taggerung. Sixteen seasons pass. Back at Redwall, the Abbey is again without a leader. Mhera the otter, who is really Deyna's sister, and her friends Gundil the Mole and Lady Cregga, uncover a riddle from Abbess Song. Basically, there are two plots that wind together. I'm not going to tell you anymore
The Sinners from Mitar
The Redwall series of books is well written and perfect for both young and young-at-heart readers. It’s a fantasy set full of adventures of good versus evil, coming of age, finding bravery and friendship, reveling in poetry and song, and feasting as if at the end of a ten season famine! Brian Jacques crafted wonderful friends and heroes ate Redwall Abbey, and you’ll enjoy meeting them again and again!
Great book! Amazing accents! So many different types of animals. I love how, if you read the books in the correct order, that all fit together. Bangers especially! Great for if you want to sit down and read. Very hard to put down. All of Brian Jacques book are amazing. Highly recommended to read in order????????
Adventure, friendship and redemption. Everything a good book needs to keep you gripped and reading. I loved this book more the second time
This is one of my favorite Redwall tales out of an engaging series. My paperback copy of Taggerung was very beat-up so it's nice to have it in this form.
I, like so many of the other reviewers here, am an incredibly loyal reader of Brian Jacques' books - even if the themes do sometimes get a little repetitive. Not so with Taggerung! It was unpredictable and exciting from start to finish, with a refreshing cast of characters led by one of Jacques' most admirable creations yet. A departure from his usual renditions, it brought me back to the magic in the his earliest books. It has been over ten years since I became a fan of Brian Jacques, but this book just goes to show that he still has what it takes.
Great book
Taggerung (Redwall) download epub
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