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The Undead by Kirsty McKay wastes no time getting to the action. We jump in with both feet right along with our heroes running, swinging, bickering, and armed to the teeth.

The Undead by Kirsty McKay wastes no time getting to the action. At a roadside diner just asking for a zombie blood bath, the Cheery Chomper, Bobby witnesses a whole new side to her classmates.

Undead by Kirsty McKay was freaking AMAZING from BEGINING TO END! The actual plot wasn't something I NORMALLY get into, but .

Undead by Kirsty McKay was freaking AMAZING from BEGINING TO END! The actual plot wasn't something I NORMALLY get into, but the pure EPICNESS of the characters, the way they interacted and the dialog were enough to keep me reading well into the night and scrambling to grab Undead the next morning! Seriously, I'd read this book again today- just because! .

Author: Kirsty McKay. Genre: Horror, Speculative Fiction, Zombies, Apocalypse, Young Adult. Why did I read this book: I hadn’t heard a bit about this book, so when Ana brought it with her from the UK, I was (naturally) thrilled. Publisher: Chicken House Publication Date: September 2011 Hardcover: 304 Pages.

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Title: Undead Author: Kirsty McKay Publication Date: September 2012 Format: Jacketed Hardcover . At the last Frankfurt Book Fair, Kirsty McKay’s Undead had me going out of my mind, dying as I was to scoop up this debut. I confess now, I would have killed to get it on my list.

Title: Undead Author: Kirsty McKay Publication Date: September 2012 Format: Jacketed Hardcover ISBN: 978-0-545-38188-8. Fortunately, it didn’t come to such a gruesome end - or, if it did, I’ll never tell where the bodies are buried.

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Out of sight, out of their minds: It's a school-trip splatter fest and completely not cool when the other kids in her class go all braindead on new girl Bobby. The day of the ski trip, when the bus comes to a stop at a roadside restaurant, everyone gets off and heads in for lunch. Everyone, that is, except Bobby, the new girl, who stays behind with Smitty. Snow piles up. Sun goes down. Bobby and Smitty start to flirt. Till finally they see the other kids stumbling back.

Kirsty McKay is the author of Undead, a wickedly funny zombie-comedy for teensNow a full time writer, Kirsty originally started out as an actress. She went on to write for the theatre and has written extensively for commercial theatre both in the UK and North America. Kirsty recently turned her hand to writing children’s fiction. In 2008, Kirsty’s work was included in SCBWI's Undiscovered Voices anthology as part of their annual competition to find new writers. Kirsty was born in the North East of England, but now lives with her husband and small daughter in the. More About Kirsty McKay.

"A kick-ass teen-action-zombie fest. Fast, furious, freaky, funny and seriously sick. Oh, and did I mention it kicks ass?" - Charlie Higson, award-winning author of The Enemy and The Dead. It was just another school trip... When their ski-coach pulls up at a cafe, and everyone else gets off, new girl Bobby and rebel Smitty stay behind. They hardly know each other but that changes when through the falling snow, they see the others coming back. Something has happened to them. Something bad...Soon only a pair of double doors stand between those on the bus and their ex-friends the Undead outside. Time to get a life. Author Kirsty McKay is a major new horror/thriller writer for ages 12+. Terrifyingly accomplished and blackly funny.

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Bobby has recently returned to the UK after spending several years living in the US. Her mother signs her up for a ski trip before school starts hoping she will be able to make friends. Unfortunately for her making friends isn't really working so when the bus stops at a café for food she has no desire to get off the bus. Bobby is stuck on the bus with Smitty the troublemaker and the bus driver when things go south quickly. While the bus driver steps off to see what hit the bus Alice returns being chased by their teacher screaming about everyone being dead. They also add the pasty nerdy kid to the group after checking out the gas station.

Soon Zombies are intent on get them forcing the group to go extreme by blowing up the gas station killing all their fellow classmates. The group heads for the café in the morning hoping to find wifi that will allow them to get help. When they are overrun by more zombies they run back to the bus attempting to escape but they run across a tree blocking the road. They start thinking that maybe this whole zombie outbreak was planned because of the camera and road blocked. They set off down the road with two new members hoping to find a place to stay safe and get help. When they find a castle they learn the truth of the outbreak but will the make it out to tell about it?

Bobby is the new girl at school without any friends she sets off on a ski trip that will change her life. She's smart, stubborn and knows how to kick ass when she needs to. She's paired with a bad boy who wears leather and who can really wield a dwarf ax. I had my moments where I wanted to strangle Malice I mean Alice she frustrated me but adds to the story. Pete was a fun nerdy character who I rooted for even if he wasn't kicking butt like Smitty.

I've had this one on my shelf forever and when I saw it on amazon I had to pick up a copy. I'm a zombie addict I can't seem to get enough of them. I love the idea for the zombie outbreak it's one of those concepts I could totally see happening in the future. Undead is a fast paced action thrill that keeps you sucked into the story to the end only to tease you for the next one. Even though it's an intense zombie thriller the author has thrown in a little humor to keep it light. I found the characters easy to connect with you can't help cheering them on as they fight the zombies. I found the authors writing style enjoyable she created a brilliant story that I found captivating. This was one of those books I had a hard time putting down I read it in one afternoon. I can't wait to start on the next one thanks to the ending of this one. If you love zombies Undead is a must read.
Bobby is a super, epic chick of AWESOME... Wrapped in witty sarcastic charm and coated with attitude. I loved her! Can you tell? Is it obvious?

Having recently moved BACK to the UK after spending the last six years in the US, Bobby is feeling very angsty and irritated!

"When we moved to the US six years ago, they thought I sounded as British as the Queen. Now that I'm back in the motherland again, I'm like some weird hybrid, a freako chimera with an ever-changing accent."

It's not helping that she's on the "School Trip from Hell". Which in all reality is a ski trip with all her new classmates before the new school year starts! Yep... That pretty much sounds like the definition of hell to me. But refuge is in sight, as they are FINALLY on their way home!

When the bus stops for lunch at the Cheery Chomper (hehe), Bobby stays on board, unwilling to endure another lunch of solitude and having food tossed at her. Mr. Taylor stays because he's got the flu and Smitty... Because Smitty is trouble. Trouble swathed in leather and complete with a fake ID.

"an ink-haired indie kid in a leather jacket. Rob Smitty: rebel without a pause, freak show, and drop out in the making. But the best snowboarder, definitely. When I first clapped eyes on him, I was convinced he'd be the head of the underage drinking club - and he is - but dude knows how to throw himself down a mountain too. [...] Respect due, in spite of the try-hard guyliner and bad attitude."

See? How freaking E-P-I-C is she? I know right? I LOVED her inner dialog! Smitty gets Mr. Taylor to go get him a sandwich, by cleverly threatening student cruelty and starvation or something... As soon as he's gone Smitty is trying to convince the driver to let them off the bus for some mischief or another when something slaps the windshield... then it comes AGAIN... only this time they see it's unmistakabley a hand- so the bus driver gets out to deal with the teen miscreants messing with his bus!

Then something slams into the back of the bus, dazed and confused- Smitty gets out to see what's going on... What he finds is a puddle of blood and a shrieking figure in a blue coat running toward them!!!!

Alice Hicks BARELY gets on the bus before Smitty locks her out (I'd have locked her out... Not even because she was a hateful witch- but because hands are smacking the windows, bloody streaks marring the snow... Then some crazy, screaming person comes running at me? No thank you. Just sayin.)

"Dead!" she screams. "Everybody's dead!"

HOLY.... OHMYGOD right?!?!

Now, I know I went into a lot of detail there... But I COULDN'T HELP IT! And honestly... I didn't give that much away, according to my kindle- I was only 4% in by this point!

We end up with the new kid, a badboy, a nerd, a pretty princess and a gas station attendant. Quite a band of misfits to survive the apocalypse... But these characters were fantastically portrayed!

While I loved Bobby for her wit, snark and general awesome... I loved Alice's princess-y bi-polar!

"Shanika's [her BFF] got my CoutureCandy bag, the bitch! Drive!" she says to the driver. "Run them over!"

And Pete, the nerd extrordinaire, is convinced they're all being watched and everything that is happening is some elaborate scheme by the government or new world order. Whoever is behind it all has cutoff every means of escape and made it impossible to communicate with the outside world.

Nobody beleives him. They think he's finally cracked.

"This is crazy!" [...] "Of course there are cameras; they're everywhere these days! But it doesn't mean that they've all been planted to spy on us in the even of a zombie apocalypse!"

Undead by Kirsty McKay was freaking AMAZING from BEGINING TO END! The actual plot wasn't something I NORMALLY get into, but the pure EPICNESS of the characters, the way they interacted and the dialog were enough to keep me reading well into the night and scrambling to grab Undead the next morning! Seriously, I'd read this book again today- just because!

With that, I leave you with more quotes...

"If I die right here, right now, I will be ashamed. What a fail. Struck down and eaten by a bus driver, for crap's sake, in Scotland, on a school trip."

"Just because we can't see jack doesn't mean that Undead Jack and Jillaren't lurking in there with all their friends, ready to Cheerily Chomp on us."

"for one horribly, desperately embarrassing moment we fly into eachother's arms like Shaggy and Scooby Don't."

"Manic with a side of Musical Theater." ← and this has become my new tagline... for my LIFE. Just sayin!!!!
I love the characters and I love the suspense. It is like the Breakfast club vs. Zombies;you have the beauty popular, the loner, the cool guy and the wierdo. There is a fast plot that starts near the end of chapter one. At that point the fun, begins. This book is funny, but not LOL funny but has one line zingers, as I like to call them, that would make you smile or GOL (Giggle out loud). Thus, in short, fast pace, good characters, and funny. 4 stars out of 5 because I did not know it would be a part two.
Ordered this book for my Granddaughter. She had already read it in school and had completed a book report. She wanted her own copy. Ordered this and the 2nd book in the series, "Unfed." She is very happy to have her own copy of both books. Loved them both.
I don't want to spoil the book so I am not going to go on and on about the plot, but I loved this book! . It reminded me of Walking Dead, but with a heck of a lot more sass. If you are a fan of Doctor Who, or Lord of the Rings than this book will have you in stitches XD The references that the author had me laughing and highlighting half the book on my kindle.
I have to write twenty words in order to post this and tell what I thought of the book, Undead. 5 stars.
I liked this book although the cover is a bit misleading there are no axes or people in cheer leading costumes in the entire book. but the book itself was really good. Good creativity I will read the second book
the setting is prefect, the plot is exciting and the characters very realistic and like-able (well most of them). this book ends with a twist that makes you wish that there was a second book. i hope that Mckay writes more so that the zombies, subtle romance and conspiracies can continue.
Undead download epub
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Author: Kirsty McKay
ISBN: 1906427879
Category: Teen & Young Adult
Subcategory: Literature & Fiction
Language: English
Publisher: Chicken House; 1 edition (September 1, 2011)
Pages: 304 pages