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The Mall (Point Horror S.) (English and Spanish Edition) download epub

by Richie Tankersley Cusick

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Trish loves her job at the Mall - until the day a wierd customer comes into her shop. Then the creepy phone calls start, and Trish realizes that someone is watching her every move.

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This is kind of an odd story - starts out interesting, fades out, gets interesting, unlikely ending.
I was introduced to Cusick's writing when I was a preteen and after all these years I distinctly remember enjoying them immensely. Having won an Amazon giftcard, I thought I may as well check out her other work. I read this in an evening as it wasn't a very challenging or taxing read, and overall, it was entertaining. It is true that the idea of some man stalking a pretty young teen is fairly trite, but Cusick's portrayal of an obsessed psychopath more than makes up for it. Often times, authors will make abhorrent, immoral characters somehow charming and redeemable by making them sweet and submissive to their one object of affection. This is not the case with this book. More often than not, I would cringe at the overtly perverse and creepy dialogue and actions which were reminiscent of descriptions of serial killers' MO. At times the book will leave you wondering why anyone on earth would react in such irrational ways, but as I read it, I constantly thought, "I am reading what happens after someone has a really bad couple days in succession," and with that suspended disbelief, the book works fairly well. I was a little disappointed by the ending, but I wouldn't say it ruined the book.

Reading this as a teen or even an older person, the book wouldn't have the same relevance or impact. As a girl who has to walk through a large campus parking lot after a late-night class, the book definitely has that scare factor that isn't just left in fantasy.
this book was a quick and easy read and I loved the storyline. I like teen horror books cause it reminds me of my youth and this book had everything I wanted
The writing was very immature. I must not be the audience for this book. The main character was a total moron. You could not help but be totally annoyed by her reactions to every situation. There was nothing realistic about the story. This was written like a script for a very stupid horror movie.
I thought this was an extremely good book. It kept my interest from the start and did not let up until the end. I would recommend this book highly if you like thrillers.
It was a pretty good book, but more for a teenager. A little hard to swallow some of the drama, but a good read.
I decided to purchase this while in bed recovering from a nasty cold. Even the cold medication couldn't make this palatable. Sadly, this reads like it was written by a 6th grader with poor social skills. Horrid dialogue, zero thrills, completely predictable. Save your $1.99 for something else.
Oh man, oh man. I found this book for a quarter at a local thrift shop and told myself I'd save it for some rainy day when all I wanted to do was stay inside in bed and have some fun and I got exactly what I wanted. Well, minus the rainy day at least.

I have such a weak spot for late 80s/early 90s horror cheese so this book was right up my alley. The plot could kind of be described as Phantom of the Mall. Trish and her friends all work at the local mall that is so populated by teenagers in high positions at the stores that one wonders if the town hadn't rewritten child labor laws just to keep the place in business. Things go down hill for her when she suddenly becomes the target for a stalker that I lovingly referred to as The Muffin Man in my head until he was given a name 3/4ths through the book. Hijinks ensue.

This isn't very well written, but its one of those rare gems where its so badly done that it makes you first want laugh out loud and then want to keep reading. The emphasis is always on the wrong word in the sentence, the ellipses abuse gets out of hand, the plot twists and character motivations make no sense, things/people/props pop in and out of scenes without meaning or explanation and to top it off its just plain silly. And yet I enjoyed it and do plan to tuck into another one of her novels asap.

I'd recommend this book to anyone else who had a love for the spooky and suspenseful in teen pulp from this time period who is looking for some inoffensive brain mush.
The Mall (Point Horror S.) (English and Spanish Edition) download epub
Author: Richie Tankersley Cusick
ISBN: 0590131583
Category: Teen & Young Adult
Language: English Spanish
Publisher: Scholastic (June 16, 1995)
Pages: 176 pages