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by Jean Yves Domalain,Len Ortzen

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Panjamon: I Was a Headhunter. Len Ortzen (Translator)

Panjamon: I Was a Headhunter. by. Jean-Yves Domalain, ‎ Len Ortzen (Translator). At least from the book you get the impression that Jean-Yves was completely fearless when he was traveling in India, watching tigers close by and wandering deep into jungle without clear idea where he was or where he was attempting to go. There were some morality questions that raise to my mind when reading about his time in Borneo and the ending was too abrupt but all in all I would recommend the book for adventure minded folk.

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com: Panjamon: I Was a Headhunter. ISBN 10: 0688001432 ISBN 13: 9780688001438. Publisher: William Morrow, 1973.

The author's experiences in Borneo. Continue reading the main story.

Domalain, Jean Yves, 1943-. Download book Panjamon: I was a headhunter. Physical Description: vii, 225 p. illus. Translated from the French by Len Ortzen.

Len Ortzen was an English writer and translator from French. However, his second novel was not so well-received, and thereafter Ortzen stuck to translation and writing non-fiction. In the late 1930s he had moved to Paris, and after the war he and his wife ran a guest house in Brittany.

On Borneo he marry the daughter of a head hunters, but decide to leave

On Borneo he marry the daughter of a head hunters, but decide to leave. He now travels trough Thailand and ends up as international animal dealer in Ventienne, Laos. But in the end he can not stand the treatment of the animals anymore, and he returns to europe. back home he wrote the book Panjamon, about the trip from france to asia and his time on Borneo, and the second book The animal connection.

Panjamon by Jean Yves Domalain. London: Rupert Hart-Davis, 1972. Ronald Mathias Lockley was a Welsh ornithologist and naturalist. He wrote over fifty books on natural history, including a major study of shearwaters, and many articles

Panjamon by Jean Yves Domalain. The second death of Ramón Mercader by Jorge Semprún. He wrote over fifty books on natural history, including a major study of shearwaters, and many articles. He is perhaps best known for his book The Private Life of the Rabbit. Margaret Kennedy was an English novelist and playwright. Her most successful work, as a novel and as a play, was The Constant Nymph.

Language:Chinese.PANJAMON (Figure)

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Culturally interesting story with a good ending.
To the extent that this story is true (he mentions at one point, not in reference to the book, that the essence of an embellished story can be true), it represents a disastrous intrusion of the author into a traditional culture and community. His involvement breaks up a planned marriage, causing anger and a serious community rift. Then, fearing an attempt on his life, he abandons the young woman, returning to the west with his tattoos, his fascinating photographs, and his story.
Having said that, there is much that is fascinating in the way of description of day to day details of life deep in the forest-- but if you care about the lives of the people who live there, you are likely to come to dislike the self-centered author. For a much more respectful treatment of the people who live in the Borneo forest, I would recommend _Stranger in the Forest_.
I read this book in the 70s and lent it to someone who never returned it. I have spent the intervening years hunting it down since I couldn't remember the title or author. I certainly remembered the incredible story so wanted to find the book. I just bought it and it is even better than I recall. I'm thrilled to own it again.
Very good read,amazing account he was lucky .
I read Panjamon in the sixties. I had trouble finding it on the internet. Perhaps one adventure like this is enough for one lifetime.

Lost in the Borneo interior during the 60's, the author comes across some very different looking natives; are they friendly?, well, sort of, they shoot him with a paralyzing, non-deadly, dart, then haul him back to the tribe for 3 years.

A multitude of perils and adventures ensue including a marriage ritual requiring being put naked into a hole filled with fire ants then immediately being banished to the forest to survive alone, cold, and infected, with no cell phone.

If you're an adventure and travel reader, check this out.

It's a remarkable tale and it's incredible that the author survived.

Vive Jean Yves Domalain, Headhunter!

Panjamon makes a lasting impression.
I stumbled across this book randomly in a very outdated ship's library where most of the books were from the 1960's-70's. And I'm glad I did.

For anyone interested in travel and adventure this book is immediately interesting, gripping you right from the start. The greatest thing about this book, in addition to the adventures, is the author's (also the translator's) writing style. The author speaks so matter-of-factly and with a touch of dry humor about all these fantastic adventures that it makes the reader that more amazed by them when you think about what is really happening. Though it might be a cliche, the author makes you feel you are right there with them, not just a spectator but almost an active participant.

I have since bought this book myself and read it twice, it is a quick read. In fact I left the old copy where I found it on the chance that someone else will stumble across it as well, and enjoy it as much as I have.

The author himself is quite a character, sort of a French academic Indiana Jones as another reviewer put it, and has written another book that I plan to read. Highly recommended!
Sermak Light
This is one of the very rare books offering insight into the life of indigenous people before civilization even touched them. The Kajan and Iban peoples of Borneo were still living as hunters at stone age level in the impenetrable forests of Borneo when the author visited both tribes and spent considerable time in an Iban village of headhunters. He went through the initialization rituals and married an Iban woman, learned to hunt by blowpipe and appreciate the rich and lighthearted life of the primitive.
This book offers views that deeply affected my outlook on our species. Still, the author is a zoologist and had no anthropologist ambitions whatsoever to begin with. I rate it equal to Jean Liedloffs books. Too bad it is out of print, possibly because it was put in the "travel and adventure" section.
This book was first given to me by my girlfriend while she was working at a local bookstore. It was the late 80's and I was just out of highschool. I still have the book today. I've read it at least a dozen times. Indiana Jones has NOTHING on Domalain! Great storyteller.
Panjamon: I Was a Headhunter download epub
Author: Jean Yves Domalain,Len Ortzen
ISBN: 0246105690
Category: Travel
Subcategory: Asia
Language: English
Publisher: HarperCollins Distribution Services; 2nd edition (September 18, 1972)
Pages: 179 pages