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Central Asia Nelles map (English, French, Italian and German Edition) download epub

by Nelles Verlag

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Folded road & tourist map of Central Asia at 1:1, 750, 000 scale. Covers the following "stans": Turkmenistan. Nelles Verlag have been producing accurate and detilaed maps of all the world since 1982.

Folded road & tourist map of Central Asia at 1:1, 750, 000 scale. Their reliability and clarity have made them the first chocie for travelers everywhere. Publisher: Nelles Verlag (March 26, 2010). ISBN-13: 978-3865742117.

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Folded road and travel map. Scale 1:2,500,000.

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Founded in 1977 in Munich, Nelles Verlag publishes folded road and travel maps in color. Nelles uses special, easy-to-fold paper that allows thousands of refoldings without fraying. Nelles maps are highly readable, detailed relief maps with major roads and point-to-point distances clearly indicated. The maps include highly useful legends; city maps show tourist features such as hotels.

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Book Details Author : Nelles Verlag Pages : 2 Binding : Map Brand : ISBN : 3865742009. 3. Description Folded road map of Afghanistan at 1:1,500,000 scale. Places of interest and historic sites are highlighted. Shaded-relief coloring clearly depicts topography.

Folded road & tourist map of Central Asia at 1:1,750,000 scale. Covers the following "stans": Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, northeastern Iran, southern Kazakhstan, and northern Afghanistan. Places of interest and national parks are highlighted. Shaded-relief coloring clearly depicts topography. Insets include Biskek, Toshkent, Dusanbe, Acgabat, and locator map. Legend in 3 languages.

Comments: (5)

There are few maps of the Central Asian region and most of those are out of date - some even still show the countries as part of the Soviet Union.
This map is of recent issue, up-to-date and easy to read.
sunrise bird
Concisely with specificity...
Item received was not at all as described...
The so-called map was minimalist in detail, and hence useless for exploration/travel...
"Map" imprinted on cheap, brittle paper stock which ripped (even with very careful handling) upon first opening...
Value as an overpriced learning tool rated as rip-off status...
Value as a reality-based online shopping experience...priceless.
A real need when going through the Five 'Stans.
We are heading to Central Asia and wanted a map to help prepare for our journey. Unfortunately, the spelling of our trip from our tour company (in English) is different from the spelling on the map. I'm not sure if these are spelled in the countries' languages. so it's a bit challenging to find all the cities. For example, I think Bukhara (on our itinerary) is Buxoro on the map, but I'm not sure. Rather frustrating!!
Lahorns Gods
I bought this map before going to travel to Uzbekistan, West China and Kazakhstan. There are two things I miss, though:
1. There's only very small part of Kazakhstan on it - the area by the very border to Uzbekistan near Toshkent area and Kyrgyzstan. Which means that you will not get the whole picture of how to travel the routes - ex. Urumqi to Almaty and not even the whole route between Almaty and Toshkent. If you don't find these information important, than this map is OK for you.
2. It lacks important part of North-West Uzbekistan. Map ends several miles West of Khiva. If your destiantion is Khiva and towns near then you'll be fine. However, you will not figure out where the road ends by the Kazakh border - you can just get the idea that it's heading there. So, you'll have buy another map here and see for this part of the country.

In general this is good map if you want to cover Turkmenistan, main parts of Uzbekistan, Tadjikistan and Kyrgyzstan. But if you need Kazakhstan and West China - Xinjiang area with road/train connection to these parts, they you'll have to buy extra map or larger scale one which will include these two.
I don't see reason why it wouldn't be easy to include these areas on Central Asia map. For sure map will be bigger then but if you travel between these countries by road, you need that information too.In general good thing about Nelles maps are their information on terrain and interesting spots.
Central Asia Nelles map (English, French, Italian and German Edition) download epub
Author: Nelles Verlag
ISBN: 3865742114
Category: Travel
Subcategory: Europe
Language: English French Italian German
Publisher: Nelles Verlag (March 26, 2010)