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The A–Z (pronounced "Ay to Zed"), or in full the Geographers' A–Z Street Atlas, is a name given to any one of a range of atlases of streets in the United Kingdom currently produced by Geographers' A–Z Map Company Limited.

The A–Z (pronounced "Ay to Zed"), or in full the Geographers' A–Z Street Atlas, is a name given to any one of a range of atlases of streets in the United Kingdom currently produced by Geographers' A–Z Map Company Limited. Its first atlas, of London, was originally compiled in the 1930s by Phyllis Pearsall. The company she founded now publishes street maps of many cities and towns in the UK.

A-Z Maps can modify and interpret geographical data to produce custom mapping products for your business. Great Fire of London and Monument Trail. Walk the length of the fire that changed the face of London forever with visits to famous landmarks along the way London has changed a lot over the decades and centuries.

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London Street Atlas book.

A-Z London street atlas. by. Geographers' A to Z Map Company. Geographers' A-Z Map Co. Collection. inlibrary; printdisabled; ; china.

Atlas London A-Z by A-Z Map Company Staff (2001, Paperback). Geographers' AriZona MAP Company, The Limited. Напишите отзыв первым.

item 1 A. to Z. London Street Atlas (London Street Atlases), Geographers' A-Z Map Compa -A. London . A-Z Master Atlas of Greater London by Geographers' A-Z Map Company (Hardback, 2000). London Street Atlas (London Street Atlases), Geographers' A-Z Map Compa. item 2 A. London Street Atlas (London Street Atlases)-Geographers' A-Z Map Compa -A. London Street Atlas (London Street Atlases)-Geographers' A-Z Map Compa. Scotland Visitors' Atlas and Guide by Geographers' A-Z Map Company (Paperback, 2009).

London Street Atlas by Geographers' A-Z Map Company (Illustrator. London Street Atlas (paperback) :: A-Z Maps I-Spy Books; Historical Mapping; Guide Books; Custom Maps; Digital Mapping; Smartphone Maps; Product Information; Business Solutions;. FREE super saver shipping on qualifying offers. London 2012 Street Atlas: Geographers' A-Z Map Company.

London Street Atlas - A-Z Street Maps & Atlases (Paperback)

London Street Atlas - A-Z Street Maps & Atlases (Paperback). Paperback 248 Pages, Published: 01/12/2008 Added to basket.

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Want to find your way around London? Look no further than London's best selling Atlas - London AZ. The new 2004 edition of this super scale central London atlas includes clear detailed maps covering the central area, one way streets, an index to over 69,000 streets, elected car parks, and railway and Underground connections throughout Greater London.

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It seemed logical to move up to the larger-size A-Z since my old paperback-size version had become difficult to read. NOT SO: All the larger size gives you is a larger area covered in each page. Street names are small, as is everything else.

There is a market here for someone to provide large-print, easy to read bound maps of London. In the 1970s, when I bought my first A-Z, the print was larger, each page covered a smaller area, and the maps were much easier to read. (I'm factoring in the fact that my eyesight is not as good now.)
By the time we left for a one-week trip to London this spring, we had five or six fold-out maps and map guides of the City. After the first day, this was the only one we needed or used. It begins with a grid of the city keyed to map pages. For the center of the city there are about a dozen larger-scale map pages. There are excellent maps of the Underground, rail lines, an index showing all transportation stations, a map of all west end theaters, a complete index of all street names and major sites, all keyed to map pages. It got us from Heathrow to all the main sites in the city, to various markets and neighborhoods further out. We got the spiral-bound version because it can be opened flat and kept open to a particular page. It worked for us perfectly. The other maps either didn't cover the entire city or were in such tiny scale they omitted important details or didn't include street indexes. Yes, it does include a lot more detail than anyone will need for a single visit, in the same way you won't use all 2,000 pages of your phone book. But you probably won't know which of the 400 pages you'll need until you get there and chart your course. It's not too bulky or heavy at all. It weighs perhaps a pound or two; it's designed to be carried. I see no reason why anyone who is accustomed to reading maps would find it complicated. My 17-year-old daughter figured it out quickly. I wish this publisher would consider publishing similar street maps for other major cities in Europe, the U.S. and Asia. I've never seen anything else quite like it.
I use this map book all the time when I'm reading English works set in London. We've visited several times, but it's great to have a refresher course on the streets -- since a single street (in American terms) can have 5 or more different names along its distance. I don't find it helpful for travel, since we tend not to visit the suburbs often, but I love the super-detailed maps of the area Central and West End.
London A-Z is an excellent street atlas both for the natives and for the tourists! (I had to return the copy I bought as it was a duplicate. Another family member bought the exact same one!) I was watching a British TV Series recently and in the background of one of the scenes were two man using this exact book! The streets in London can be very confusing for those of us on the other side of "the pond" who are used to streets planned out at right angles to one another. This guide is invaluable to visiting the many neighborhoods of Greater London. You will never get lost if you have this guide.
Bought for a recent trip to London as I had had a copy on my last trip there 20+ years ago. The problem is that in the interim smart phones with Google maps and free wifi everywhere have become commonplace, I barely even opened this book.
We bought this book to use as a reference on a trip to London. It has all the streets and an full street index. There are 175 pages of maps and 258 pages of street index, with a handful more pages listing hospitals, train stations, etc. I would highly recommend this book for navigating a car to multiple London destinations. For our purposes walking and taking public transit, we will be leaving it at home.
For anyone who has been to London ( or for those going for the first time will soon discover ), street names change fairly often. So you need a book like this to find not only where you are or are going but also where the various sites: historical, theater, shopping, hotel, and other places are. I got one that was a few years old because for the most part things do not change too much within a few years time.
Impossible to read if your middle aged. The maps do have an astounding amount of detail but it's very cluttered and almost impossible to read. My husband and I are in our 50's and wear bi-focals and we cannot read the maps, I can see where a person with perfect eyesight who is going to live in London would like this book but it's useless for our two week stay.
London Street Atlas (A-Z Street Atlas S.) download epub
Author: Geographers' A-Z Map Company
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Publisher: Geographers a-Z; 8th edition edition (August 28, 2010)
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