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by Ralph Cutter

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Sierra Trout Guide Paperback – December 1, 1991. This book is 112 pages with a useful index and many sections (chapters), including: Tackle and Techniques, Angling Ethics, Trout Food.

Sierra Trout Guide Paperback – December 1, 1991. by. Ralph Cutter (Author). Find all the books, read about the author, and more. Are you an author? Learn about Author Central.

A reel fisherman's fishing guide! By Thriftbooks. com User, July 11, 2002. As an author of a book that uses a fishing metaphor to illustrate how relationships work, I was approached by someone about this book. So I bought it and must say that it truly gives the more serious angler a better understanding about what fly fishing for trout is all about.

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Confused by the various Trout of North America? This guide will help you recognize different Trout species, learn . From remote mountain streams to great rushing rivers, the waterways of the US and Canada are perfect for many different types of Trout.

Confused by the various Trout of North America? This guide will help you recognize different Trout species, learn where they live, and much more. So many, in fact, that it can get pretty confusing. The various Trout of North America all look similar and often live in the same place, so how do you know what you’re catching? This isn’t even all of them! This guide will give you some easy tips on knowing your Trout. Learn what lives where and how to tell it apart from everything else.

During their nine month walk they swept back and forth across the Sierra, hiking nearly every pass and fishing many of the waters. Since that time they have learned much more and you will be fascinated at the information they reveal about Sierra trout and the hundreds of streams and lakes in which they are found.

Sierra Trout Guide, Ralph Cutter. Undoubtedly the most thorough book on selecting the best flies for the various conditions in the Sierra. A great book on fishing techniques, equipment, and selecting the best places to fish. California Fly Fisher Every issue of this magazine is packed with great articles about fly fishing in California. Past issues have had articles on backcountry trout, high Sierra trout, Tioga Pass trout, the West Fork of the Carson River, wild flies, midging Lake Crowley, and fishing Rush Creek. The Definitive Guide to Fishing Central California, Chris Shaffer

More than just a guide to finding trout in the diverse waters of California's Sierra Nevada, this is a colorful and informative overview of the fish, their habitat, and techniques for bringing them to net. It begins with a detailed description of the native and non-native trout species of the Sierras, including beautiful full-color plates. Subsequent chapters include discussions of hydraulics, trout behavior, entomology, locating fish, and traveling in the back country

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I wasn't sure what to expect of this book: For starters, it is very old, but information NOT outdated :)

This book is 112 pages with a useful index and many sections (chapters), including: Tackle and Techniques [teaches you what to use], Angling Ethics [how to not torture your catch], Trout Food [Needless to say, what trout eat] and other sections include their niche, spawning season, and detailed illustrations of their prey (flies, etc)...

One section I particularly enjoyed was the list of hundreds, maybe even a thousand rivers and lakes with a list of its tributaries,elevation, topo map position, and type of fish in every lake from Sequoia NF to Mono County! (Includes some portions of Nevada too)

Although, for beginning fisherman, it may be a tedious book to read for how detailed it is, this book TRULY takes concentration to read, and could be used by both experienced and beginner anglers, if you don't have the attention span of my dog.

The advantage: You can catch anything with this book!

Review summed up: Detailed, useful, For both beginners and advanced anglers

As to the condition of the product: This was purchased used and book looks new, with one minor bend about 1/4" long! Other than that, PERFECT!
Born and raised in this amazing land. Great guide for tips for fishing in the Sierra. Book was as described (“good” condition). Far from perfect but I was happy just to find this gem.
Well written, well researched and well illustrated!
This is a must have book for the High Sierra angler...and anyone who enjoys the mountains and wants to know more about them.
I'm off on a month long fly fishing journey up the JMT and this book has a treasure trove of information for me.
Well worth the investment, highly recommended.
This is a well written book with beautiful photographs of fish, insects and the lakes and streams. This book covers a lot of material:beautiful drawings of the trout of the Sierra's, some biology and history of each species of fish, the fish's environment with some great underwater photos, finding productive waters, ethics, flies, back country advice, entomology and even a list of maps and equipment you might need for travel into the Sierra's. Ralph is a great writer and photographer. He is not afraid to go underwater to see what is happening (see- Flies of the Underworld).
This is an extremely informative guide, beginner and advanced alike. Well worth the cost.
Ralph is the man! Great incite
This book is it. It is such a great resource it is hard to know where to start. The tips on rigs, lines, fishing techniques is wonderful. The lists of lakes, streams, rivers and what to find in them is fantastic. Hours of research can now be as simple as opening this book.
An awesome and insightful book on the sierra and trout habitats and behaviors. Highly recommended.
Sierra trout guide download epub
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Author: Ralph Cutter
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