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by Don Laine

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Frommer's Puts the Parks in Your Pocket. This book is one of the resources I have used to plan my trip to Zion National Park. It has maps and information about hotels, restaurants, trails and a variety of other things.

Frommer's Puts the Parks in Your Pocket. The best strategies for seeing Zion & Bryce Canyon National Parks—and the lowdown on equally stunning (and less crowded) natural wonders nearby. Great places to stay: cozy park lodges, family-friendly gateway motels, and the best campgrounds. I recommend Frommer's Zion and Bryce Canyon National Parks to anyone who is planning to visit Zion and/or Bryce Canyon National Parks and/or other places described by the book.

and Rick Parks can help. As award-winning teachers, they have a proven game plan for helping artists of all.

Frommer's Zion and Bryce Canyon National Parks. Detailed maps of the region, parks, and trails guide you. and Rick Parks can help. Frommer's Zion & Bryce Canyon National Parks. 22 MB·0 Downloads·New! "Frommer' s Zion and Bryce Canyon National Parks includes all the up-to-d.

Another wonderful book, Zion & Bryce Canyon National Parks, is written by Sarah Benson, Lisa Dunford and Carolyn McCarthy, who provide wonderful conversations about history, geology, culture, and more. Soaking up this valuable information always enhances our trips so that we can deeply understand and appreciate where we are, who we are meeting, and what we are seeing.

Great places to stay: cozy park lodges.

Magnificently diverse, Zion and Bryce Canyon national parks contain .

Magnificently diverse, Zion and Bryce Canyon national parks contain burning deserts, lush woodlands with shimmering ponds, barren, windswept ledges of solid rock, and deep forests of pine and fi. That is, of course, why they were designated national parks in the first place. Walking down the Queen's Garden Trail, you'll notice that the vegetation on the north-facing slopes and in the narrow gullies - Douglas fir and ponderosa pines - is far different than the piñon and juniper in the sunnier areas. And there is a much cooler and wetter climate at the higher elevations in the southern section of the park - such as along the Bristlecone Loop and Riggs Spring Loop trails.

They are the authors of Frommer's Colorado, Frommer's Rocky Mountain National Park, Frommer's Yosemite .

They are the authors of Frommer's Colorado, Frommer's Rocky Mountain National Park, Frommer's Yosemite & Sequoia/Kings Canyon National Parks, and Frommer's Utah; are the lead authors of Frommer's National Parks of the American West; and have contributed to Frommer's Texas and Frommer's USA. The Laines have also written Little-Known Southwest and New Mexico & Arizona State Parks (both for The Mountaineers Books). Release date Australia.

Authors: Don Laine, Barbara Laine. by Barbara Laine and Don Laine. See the very best of Zion & Bryce Canyon National Parks From hiking up a river to watching the sunrise over red rock spires, our expert authors guide you to your best Zion & Bryce Canyon experiences.

Providing comprehensive profiles of North America's premier national parks, these handy guides incorporate a detailed selection of accommodations, from campgrounds to luxury park lodges to family friendly motels, as well as reviews of the best restaurants and supply stores, complete coverage of outdoor activities, suggestions on things to see and do, detailed maps, and information on local plant and animal life.

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This guide proved to be an excellent resource during our recent trip to the Zion and Bryce Canyon National Parks. Highlights of this book include how comprehensive it was despite its relative brevity, the easy-to-read writing style, and its off-the-beaten-path recommendations.
The authors discussed all the subjects I was looking for in a travel book. They covered the usual "where to stay" and "where to eat" topics very well, including reviews of the campgrounds in the parks. We were very satisfied staying and eating at the places recommended by the authors.
A particular strength of the book was its overview of the numerous hiking trails of the two parks. The trails were organized by length, and the authors gave good recommendations about which trails to do. One hike that they recommended as a "find" was a beautiful, short stroll to an icy cave, but because of its location off the main park road, we were completely by ourselves. The authors even discussed some of the backcountry hiking, if you are inclined to strap on your pack and head off into the wilderness.
The chapter on the natural history of the parks was also excellent. There was a description of the geological events that formed the parks, the flora and fauna, and the diverse ecosystems. The geological discussion in particular was especially helpful for understanding how the layers of rock were laid down over millions of years.
The authors gave good sample itineraries for experiencing the park in a day or two. Recommendations on seeing the sunrise across the hoodoos of Bryce Canyon and on visiting some of the less traveled sections of Zion were very worthwhile.
Nice bonuses in the book included information for kids, RVers, and people with disabilities. The book also had information on practical things like where to get gas, buy supplies, do your laundry, etc. There is even a section on places to visit near the national parks such as some of the Utah state parks and nearby national monuments.
Overall, I would highly recommend this book to anyone heading to Zion and Bryce Canyon. It definitely enriched our experience and made planning a whole lot easier.
If you're after a fine pocket-format guide to the ins-and-outs of exploring Bryce and Zion parks, look no further. Use it to find less-known trails and overlooks, and worthwhile strategies for exploring the parks -- such as the suggested order in which to hike two connected trails. Also valuable: the 1 or 2 day itineraries of shouldn't-miss highlights.

The one shortcoming separating it from a fifth star is in the areas of lodging and, especially, food. Several times, recommendations seemed dated, or places didn't quite measure up. For example, a Springdale deli suggested for day-hike take-along sandwiches in Zion is no longer especially cheap, and uses supermarket-quality bread and cold cuts. We fared better on restaurant recommendations by checking online resources and asking locals.

Also note that there are better (or supplementary) specialty books for hard-core hikers seeking a serious backwoods experience.

Within those constraints, a solid (and easily carried) resource we found ourselves referencing regularly.
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The authors did a very good job with all the details for visiting Bryce Canyon and Zion National Parks. It was the format and small print that was disappointing. Excellent content and well written with a breakdown for all kinds of visitors from casual car trips to serious hikers and campers. If passing through for a day or two or spending a couple of weeks, enough information to catch the high points of these two beautiful parks or get down into the canyons on trails that few travel. A slightly larger book format with color pictures and clearer maps...and larger print font would make this a 5 star guide. Having said that, it will be a very useful book for anyone traveling to Utah and visiting Bryce & Zion...and the price was reasonable at less than $10. Would recommend.
This is more a guide for active recreation than for trip-planning. There's nothing on restaurants or hotels -- but there's lots of information, good suggested websites and maps for the various national parks in each area. It's also not too big or bulky so it's easy to take on hikes. We'll be using it for a one week trip to the area, but it's comprehensive enough that even if you lived in the area and visited frequently it would still be a good resource to have. It's not really written from a particular viewpoint or voice, but is rather an objective compilation of info about the region.
Just received the book and skimmed it. Looks like a great resource and book to read 2 months before my trip. Only negatives for me are small print and no pictures of the landscapes. I'd like to know what I'll see on a particular trail. There is a section w/ drawings of wild/plant life so that is nice.
Was perfect for helping to plan a trip to Zion & Bryce--a book and TRIP I recommend to everyone!!
We only had a day to visit Zion and Bryce Parks and this guide was so important in helping us to see the high points of each Park. Of course we would like to spend more time in each park but our trip was great. With the information in the guide we were able to cram as much as we could in one day.
Frommer's Zion & Bryce Canyon National Parks (Park Guides) download epub
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